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Major Findings

Major Findings. The language in Annex I appears to point to the eventual withdrawal of 6AV1. "The verification testing requirements in this annex are not represented as duplicating actual well conditions. Verification tests that have been completed in accordance with verification testing requirements of API Spec 14D or API Spec 6AV1, during their validity, will satisfy the requirements of this annex.“ The monogram Annex N in 6A refers one to 6AV1 for the requirements for the test agency. The definition of "test agency" in Annex O (and in 10423) is stated as: "independent third party that provides a test facility and administers a testing programme that meets the class II SSV/USV valve-validation testing requirements of Annex I of this International Standard and API Spec 6AV1" NOTE: The requirements of this definition (independent, and third party) both violate CEN guidelines on standards content.

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