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The piglet Pam

The piglet Pam. Peter, the piglet. He runs home.It’s snowing, and the dislikes it. He is in a hurry.

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«День Святого Валентина» - I have a little Valentine That someone sent to me. Поздравляем. It,s pink and white And red and blue. Легенды о святом валентине. About this day. День святого валентина. Being happy! LOVE . . . SANT VALENTINES DAY. Не забудь меня!». Рисунки. Содержание. От всей души поздравляем вас с Днем Святого Валентина.

«Christmas» - On Christmas people wish their nearest and dearest a merry Christmas. People usually visit their relatives and friends. Father Christmas. They send greeting cards to all their relatives and friends. Then they have the Christmas pudding. He has got a big bag of presents for children. It's a happy holiday for many people in different countries.

«Victory day» - They were not politicians, they were not thinking about anything except protecting their homes. Only Russian casualties are estimated to be up to 27 million people. Population North Korea – 23 million. Population of Australia is ~ 20 million. We must be grateful to those who put their lives on the altar of the USSR victory.

«Thanksgiving day» - Tribute to Native Indians. The First Thanksgiving Feast. With a gobble, gobble, gobble, And a wobble, wobble, wobble. Turkey Hello, Mr. Hello, Mr. Thanksgiving. Turkey, how are you? Dyspeptic pork, adieu! Though to the college halls I hie. The Christmas festivities starts with the Thanksgiving Day. Turkey how are you?

«New Year» - Christmas tree in Russia. Christmas decorations. In addition to toys, Christmas tree decorated with sweets, fruits and nuts. New Year: History and tradition. Russian tradition. Good luck in the new year! New Year is called magical, mysterious, wonderful, unique and charming. A little history. Above the tree ... did not enjoy a special sympathy.

«Holidays» - Introduction. British celebrate Mother’s Day on March, 26. Use these ideas to make your project: They usually put their presents under the tree. People begin to prepare for this holiday beforehand. - What other Russian holidays do you know? What do you do on this day? New Year’s Day in England. Useful information.


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