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Вопросы, которые задал Санта-Клаус ученикам лесной школы

Вопросы, которые задал Санта-Клаус ученикам лесной школы. Do you like to go to school? Do you wash your hands and face? Do you clean your teeth? Are you strong? Are you merry? Can you swim?

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«Holidays in Britain» - People make it from a pumpkin. April Fool’s Day April Fool’s Day is on the 1st of April. Most people see with friends and relatives. Father’s day In June the English people celebrate Father’s Day. He cleared Ireland of snakes. People send X-mas cards to their friends and relatives. Patrick’s day. On Easter Sunday children get chocolate eggs and rabbits.

«Рождество в Великобритании» - Christmas and New Year postcards. How are you? Oh! Chorus. Интересно, что католическое и православное рождество во многом схожи. You’ll take the lead! Сходства в праздновании Рождества в России и Великобритании. Подарки в России, в отличие от Великобритании, принято складывать под ёлку. Santa Claus 94610 Arctic Pole Finland.

«День Валентина» - Because you make me so fine, I’ll take you for my Valentine! WORD SEARCH. Word List. Любить. Навсегда. Научимся подписывать валентинки. Дружба. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. Объятия. Thank you for your attention. Задание «Найди слова». Тест. If you’re a friend Then you care, too. 14 февраля многие люди посылают своим возлюбленным особые поздравления.

«New Year» - Above the tree ... did not enjoy a special sympathy. New Year: History and tradition. New Year is called magical, mysterious, wonderful, unique and charming. Christmas decorations. A little history. Russian tradition. In addition to toys, Christmas tree decorated with sweets, fruits and nuts. Christmas tree in Russia.

«Chinese New Year» - Very busy during. Red-paper couplets. Chinese Lunar Calendar. Big dinner. Taboos. All about Chinese New Year. Couplets. The Dragon And The Lion Dance. The Origin Of Chinese New Year. The Lunar New year. The First day of the Lunar New year. Chinese red envelopes.

«Victory day» - Population Germany – 82million. Population of Australia is ~ 20 million. The spirit of celebration hovers, in the air . Never forget the fallen. Learn the lessons of history. Congratulations to the veterans and their ancestors on the Great Victory Day ! We must be grateful to those who put their lives on the altar of the USSR victory.


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