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How to track Store Sets in reality

How to track Store Sets in reality? SSIT: Assigns Loads and Stores to Store Set ID (SSID) Notice that this requires each store to be in only one store set! LFST: Maps SSIDs to most recent fetched store When Load is fetched, allows it to find most recent store in its store set that is executing (if any) ? allows stalling until store finished When Store is fetched, allows it to wait for previous store in store set Pretty much same type of ordering as enforced by ROB anyway Transitivity? loads end up waiting for all active stores in store set What if store needs to be in two store sets? Allow store sets to be merged together deterministically Two loads, multiple stores get same SSID Want periodic clearing of SSIT to avoid: problems with aliasing across program Out of control merging. 8. 2/23/2011. CS252-S11 lecture 10.

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