<<  Misprediction Rates More Realistic HW: Renaming Register Impact (N int + N fp) Figure 3.5  >>
Limits to ILP HW Model comparison

Limits to ILP HW Model comparison. New Model. Model. Power 5. Instructions Issued per clock. 64. Infinite. 4. Instruction Window Size. 2048. Infinite. 200. Renaming Registers. Infinite v. 256, 128, 64, 32, none. Infinite. 48 integer + 40 Fl. Pt. Branch Prediction. 8K 2-bit. Perfect. Tournament Branch Predictor. Cache. Perfect. Perfect. 64KI, 32KD, 1.92MB L2, 36 MB L3. Memory Alias. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. 42. 2/23/2011. CS252-S11 lecture 10.

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