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Premise: Past indicates Future

Premise: Past indicates Future. Basic Premise is that past dependencies indicate future dependencies Not always true! Hopefully true most of time Store Set: Set of store insts that affect given load Example: Addr Inst 0 Store C 4 Store A 8 Store B 12 Store C 28 Load B ? Store set { PC 8 } 32 Load D ? Store set { (null) } 36 Load C ? Store set { PC 0, PC 12 } 40 Load B ? Store set { PC 8 } Idea: Store set for load starts empty. If ever load go forward and this causes a violation, add offending store to load’s store set Approach: For each indeterminate load: If Store from Store set is in pipeline, stall Else let go forward Does this work? 6. 2/23/2011. CS252-S11 lecture 10.

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