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Sample of what could make good projects

Sample of what could make good projects. Implement new resource partitioning mechanisms on RAMP and integrate into OS You can actually develop a new hardware mechanism, put into the OS, and show how partitioning gives better performance or real-time behavior You could develop new message-passing interfaces and do the same Virtual I/O devices RAMP-Gold runs in virtual time Develop devices and methodology for investigating real-time behavior of these devices in Tessellation running on RAMP Energy monitoring and adaptation How to measure energy consumed by applications and adapt accordingly Develop and evaluate new parallel communication model Target for Multicore systems New Message-Passing Interface, New Network Routing Layer Investigate applications under different types of hardware CUDA vs MultiCore, etc New Style of computation, tweak on existing one Better Memory System, etc. 20. 2/23/2011. CS252-S11 lecture 10.

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«Periodic table of elements» - you have viewed the presentation of some chemical elements. Ni + Cl2 = NiCl2. 2Co + O2 = 2CoO. 3Co + C = Co3C. 2Co + N2 = 2CoN. In the absence of cobalt akobaltoz develops. chemical properties. Co + 2H2SO4 = CoSO4 + SO2 + 2H2O. history of discovery. physical properties. The human need for cobalt 0,007-0,015 mg daily.

«My house» - We have a not large dining-room. We haven’t got much furniture in the bedroom. There is a small table between the sofa and the armchair. And above a table two white beautiful standard lamps. Also we have a hall. Two beautiful pictures are on the wall. Kitchen. The is a TV-set near the sofa. A curtain hangs on a window.

«Dreamers» - He/ his company have been sued several times. What did they achieve? He has had a few health issues recently due to exhaustion. His first Business venture failed. What were some of the obstacles they faced? Dreamers. What was their “dream”? BILL GATES. But dead mau5 pretty much shrugged it off. To a business that would create a software system to run on all computers (Windows).

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«Education system» - CERTIFIED SPECIALIST. To all these requirements the person with degree of the bachelor also satisfies. How it can be provided? But it not the best option. About employment abroad. That gives this variety of opportunities what to prefer? Certainly, it is possible to continue "to swot away" sciences independently.

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