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Christmas traditions
Christmas traditions.

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«April Fools Day» -  All Fool's Day. In conclusion, I would say, when you think about how to make fun ofyou know, do not forget that the best joke-the one over which he laughs the loudest, played a joke on someone. In Scotland the April fool's day lasts 48 hours.

«Christmas» - On Christmas people wish their nearest and dearest a merry Christmas. Christmas Day. The day after Christmas is Boxing Day. Christmas in Great Britain. Изучить традиции и обычаи празднования Рождества и Нового года в Англии. Christmas stockings. People usually visit their relatives and friends. At night Father Christmas comes.

«Американские праздники» - Valentines day. State holidays. Valentine’s Day. Vienna New Year Concert, in Austria. Specific, high-profile or common celebrations. Pulaski Day first Monday of every March. Some facts. The state holiday is recognized/celebrated each year by state residents. US Eastern time. New Hampshire: Civil Rights Day, January 19.

«Valentines day» - Great Britain. Валентинки. Russia. Holiday. Holidays in England. February. Questions. Many legends. Я Вас любил. День святого Валентина. It’s Valentine’s Day. The Roman emperor. St.Valentine’Day. Official holiday. Oleg Maslennikov. From your Valentine. Let Me Call You Sweetheart.

«День Святого Валентина» - CONGRATULATE. Легенды о святом валентине. Being happy! Стихи о любви . И вот Джауфре отправляется в Левант, чтобы увидеть принцессу . Содержание. But, as with many customs, the origin of St.Valentine,s Day is a mystery. Рисунки. It,s pink and white And red and blue. От всей души поздравляем вас с Днем Святого Валентина.

«Holidays» - Данный урок способствует развитию у учащихся развития навыков говорения. New Year’s Day In England. - What other Russian holidays do you know? Women’s Day in Russia. Activities. What are the differences? Use these ideas to make your project: Your project. And now it’s your turn! This holiday has long and special history.


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