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There is, there are
There is, there are.

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«Christmas holidays» - Just get a bob-tailed nag and give him extra feed. Gifts in Russia, unlike in the UK, decided to fold under the tree. Chorus: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Mean hosts ridiculed and threatened them with ills. You’ll take the lead! What fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh! Santa-Claus lives in Laplandia.

«Thanksgiving day» - Turkey Hello, Mr. Thanksgiving. With a gobble, gobble, gobble, And a wobble, wobble, wobble. The whole nation recollects the pilgrims. Turkey, how are you? The Christmas festivities starts with the Thanksgiving Day. Tradition of Gifting. Farewell, O fragrant pumpkin pie! Turkey how are you? Tribute to Native Indians.

«Holidays» - - What other Russian holidays do you know? What do you do on this day? People begin to prepare for this holiday beforehand. Introduction. This holiday has long and special history. British celebrate Mother’s Day on March, 26. Your project. Russian and English Holidays. What are the similarities between holidays in Russia and England?

«День Святого Валентина» - Не забудь меня!». Дорогие друзья! От всей души поздравляем вас с Днем Святого Валентина. But, as with many customs, the origin of St.Valentine,s Day is a mystery. И вот Джауфре отправляется в Левант, чтобы увидеть принцессу . Some people have already begun to celebrate it in Russia. LOVE . . . I have a little Valentine That someone sent to me.

«Victory day» - We must be grateful to those who put their lives on the altar of the USSR victory. Population Germany – 82million. Victory Day (9 May). This is a a holiday with tears in the eyes. Population of Australia is ~ 20 million. Only Russian casualties are estimated to be up to 27 million people. Congratulations to the veterans and their ancestors on the Great Victory Day !

«St. Valentines day» - Любовь побеждает все. He chose to marry young couples secretly. In what other organ did love reside? He had him put to death. Любовь зла – полюбишь и козла. He is also the patron saint of: 3.Who is Cupid? 8. What fruit or vegetable is often called a love-apple? He left the military to get married. Valentine's day quiz.


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