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Comparative Fair Use: How would the Lexicon fare in the E.U

Comparative Fair Use: How would the Lexicon fare in the E.U.? Berne Convention Gives authors the exclusive the right to make adaptations, arrangements, other alterations and collections of the work “Free Use Concept” Permissible to make quotations from a work which has already been lawfully made available to the public, provided it is compatible with fair practice, and the extent does not exceed that justified by the purpose, including quotations from newspaper articles and periodicals in the form of press summaries It is a matter for legislation in EU countries to permit the utilization, to the extent justified by the purpose, of literary or artistic works by way of illustration in publications, broadcasts or sound or visual recordings for teaching, provided such utilization is compatible with fair practice The Lexicon is not “for teaching” and certainly does more than “make quotations” from the Harry Potter books.

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