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Fair Use Overview Cont. Folsom v. Marsh, 9 F.Cas. 342 (1841) Beginnings of the Fair Use common law doctrine The Reverend Charles Upham, the author of a 2-volume Life of Washington, was found to have infringed the copyright of The Writings of George Washington written by Jared Sparks. Upham had copied 255 pages of Washington’s letters that were contained in Sparks’ work. “No one can doubt that a reviewer may fairly cite largely from the original work, if his design be really and truly to use the passages for the purposes of fair and reasonable criticism.” “It is as clear, that if he thus cites the most important parts of the work, with a view, not to criticise, but to supersede the use of the original work, and substitute the review for it, such a use will be deemed in law a piracy.”.

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