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Reference Works. What are they? Guides, summaries, compendiums, handbooks, dictionaries Compilation of information for the purpose of easy reference US copyright protection is afforded to compilations 17 USC § 101 Compilation: a work formed by the collection, assembling of preexisting materials or of data that are selected, coordinated, or arranged in such a way that the resulting work as a whole constitutes an original work of authorship Can focus on anything from popular movies, books, authors, genres to legal, medical, and historical subjects The sale of such guides is big business.

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«Word 2010» - Database tables and queries. Typography gives your document a polished, professional look. Backup options. Document productivity. Printing options. Font attributes. Page breaks. Sorting and applying formulas. Using an excel worksheet. Share and search for source. Tables. Writing styles. Selecting recipients.

«Healthy lifestyle» - Healthy lifestyle!!! (Здоровый образ жизни!!!). For this purpose what to observe a healthy lifestyle it would be necessary: Living a Healthy Lifestyle. (Ведение здорового образа жизни.). Lifting weights. it is not necessary: Tempering (закаляться). Health is major need of the person, his defining ability to work.

«Проект Изобретения» - Актуальность проблемы. Do you know that… А что бы ты хотел изобрести? Высокотехнологичная жизнь. Множество изобретений было создано в наше время. The first Russia’s automobile was designed by P.A. Frez and E.A. Yakovlev. Проблемные вопросы нашего проекта. Какие современные изобретения ты используешь в повседневной жизни?

«School uniform» - Senior students don't have to wear their school uniform. Shoes are usually black or brown. The girls' uniform has become an iconic figure in Western culture. This topic looks at a very large number of arguments about uniforms. Boys wear a shirt and tie, dark trousers and dark-coloured pullovers. The school uniform: in Great Britain, in the USA, in Canada.

«Hippy» - They prefer living in forests as our ancestors did. The origin. Epigraph. Also it consists in rejection from modern cities, technological progress. Ideology.Values. Mottos, slogans. The idea of equality and freedom lies in hippies ideology. And if you make evil as an answer to violence you increase it twice.

«Sport» - jumping. hockey. boxing. Figure-skating. Sport helps people to keep in good health. Sport dancing. Words. football. Gymnastics. Hors-riding. Sport makes people healthy and strong, brave and cheerful. Windsurfing. Physical Education is compulsory at all schools. Role skating. snowboarding. Swimming. skate.

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