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Find these information in the text поисковое чтение

Find these information in the text поисковое чтение. Они сервировали чай устраивали вечеринки. Сначала её семья была против…. Флоренс не нравился этот образ жизни. Но после многих эмоциональных битв её папа согласился Британия, Франция, Турция объявили войну России. Её интересовали книги по медицине. Стала администратором сестер милосердия. Она получила хорошее образование. Раненые солдаты называли её ангел. Первая профессиональная сестра милосердия, которая спасла тысячи жизней.

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«Flat» - a kitchen. task. This is a living – room. a carpet. a wall unit. There is a sofa near the wall. a picture. There ... a wardrobe in the room. There are armchairs near the wall unit. a dining-room. Opposite the sofa there are bookshelves. an armchair. There a ... in the room. There ... 2 beds in the room.

«My house» - There is a mirror above the sink. Now we are in a nursery. There is a closet of clothes and closet for a shoe. Small lovely curtains are on the windows. Bathroom. You can see blue sea from its windows. Our future house. There is a bed near the wall. There is a sofa near the window. A big beautiful chandelier hangs above the carpet.

«Teenagers problems» - If you follow our rules you won’t have problems. Look through the list of teenage problems. Conflict with friends. School problems. How to tackle teenagers’ problems. Teenagers’ problems. Smoking. Как разрешить проблемы молодежи. Pocket money. Conflicts with parents. Conflicts with sisters or brothers.

«The first flight» - Preparations. Epilogue. “Technical characteristics”. Epigraph. Americans began to launch rockets with animals in 1948. The beginning of the exploration. In addition to it the dogs must be patient. Firstly, scientific employees tamed dogs. The first flight. Animals got accustomed to wear special uniform.

«Different subcultures» - Graffiti -. Unlike normal motorcycle, the biker motorcycle is part of the lifestyle. Goths -. Emo -. Rappers. Hippy -. Hip - hop. On their heads they are often quite fashionable leather caps. Punk. Gamers. Enthusiasts and fans of motorcycles. Rockers -. Bikers. a person who listens to music or he sings hip-hop.

«Hippy» - They prefer living in forests as our ancestors did. Also it consists in rejection from modern cities, technological progress. Epigraph. The origin. Mottos, slogans. And if you make evil as an answer to violence you increase it twice. The idea of equality and freedom lies in hippies ideology. Ideology.Values.

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