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Ukraine. 4th largest importer and 6th largest consumer of natural gas in the world Corresponds to 85% of its annual energy needs Highly dependent on imported gas from Russia Important transmission site for gas exported from Russia to Western Europe Gas transmission system is the second largest on the continent.

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«Canada» - The real power in the political and economic life of the country belongs to the Parliament The English tradition is formed and the Government of Canada. In Canada there are many nature reserves and national parks. Cultural centers. Flag of Canada. Policy. Attractions Canada. Queen of Canada. Technologically advanced and industrialized countries Canada - an independent federal state, which is part of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

«Английские заимствования» - История сложения английского языка. История английского языка неотрывно связана с историей Англии. Заимствования в английском языке. Hap –удача, счастье. Episcopus) в настоящее время bishop Munuc монах (лат. В древнеанглийский язык вошло небольшое количество кельтских языков. Заимствования из французского языка.

«Метод проектов в английском языке» - Возможности самостоятельного приобретения знаний. Проект “My favourite pizza”. Формировать высококультурную личность. Виртуальное путешествие. Начало внедрения проектной технологии. Положительная динамика учебных достижений. Метод проектов. Предприимчивые люди. Результаты изменений. Использование на своих уроках метода проектов.

«London» - Мои документы. Урок. Buckingham Palace. knowing. Will you go with me ? INVITE. We like our city, and you ? James' Park. the heart of London. a raven - the guard of Tower. TRAFALGAR SQUARE. PICCADILLY CIRCUS. Лондон. Speaker's Corner. Начать тестирование. Paul's Cathedral. LONDON. Кроссворд Лондон. The Queen's residence.

«Reading» - Agatha Christie was born in Devon,England,on September 15, 1890. I am mad about books. She was a talented child. Agatha loved to hear and tell stories in her childhood. Her stile is popular today. The books are brilliant! In 1930 ,she wrote a powerful detective story,The Murder at the Vicarage. Agatha Christie`s books are translated into103 langviges.

«Дни недели» - Monday. Wednesday. Tuesday. Sturday. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. Friday. Thursday. Живут в английском языке семь верных братьев. Sunday.

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