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Additional Resources. Adobe Presenter Quick Start Guide http://www.adobe.com/go/presenter_quickstart_en Adobe Connect Resource Center http://www.adobe.com/go/resources_connect_en Adobe Connect Product Documentation http://www.adobe.com/go/connect_documentation_en.

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«The green movement» - Several active workers managed to steal up on a raft to a platform and to chain themselves to it. It became the first African who has headed this organization. The main objective — to achieve the decision of global environmental problems, including by attraction to them of attention of the public and the authorities.

«Jonathan Swift» - Gulliver's Travels Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World by Lemuel Gulliver http://www.jaffebros.com/lee/gulliver/contents.html. «Сказка Бочки» (обложка пятого издания) и иллюстрация к «Битве книг». В мире нет ничего постоянного, кроме непостоянства. Jonathan Swift. I am now trying an experiment very frequent among modern authors; which is to write upon Nothing; when the subject is utterly exhausted, to let the pen still move on; by some called the ghost of Wit, delighting to walk after the death of its body. -- Conclusion, A Tale of A Tub And to say the truth, there seems to be no part of knowledge in fewer hands, than that of discerning when to have done. -- Conclusion, A Tale of A Tub ... I am wonderfully well acquainted with the present relish of courteous readers, and have often observed with singular pleasure, that a fly driven from a honey-pot will immediately, with very good appetite, alight and finish his meal on an excrement. -- Conclusion, A Tale of a Tub.

«Dreamers» - Who is the “dreamer”, and when did they live? What did they achieve? What was their “dream”? But dead mau5 pretty much shrugged it off. To a business that would create a software system to run on all computers (Windows). What failures they experienced? What were some of the obstacles they faced? He is currently alive.

«Лондонский глаз» - Систематизировать полученные знания. It is 135 metres high. Звезда Наньчана. The London eye. Южная звезда. Высота колеса составляет 73 метра. Название. Singapore Flyer. The London Eye was opened on New Year’s Eve. Лондонский глаз. Рейтинг колес обозрения. The London Eye has 32 capsules.

«Множественное число существительных» - December January February March April May. Ознакомление учащихся с образованием множественного числа существительных. desks pigs rabbits dogs frogs cars farms cups. Повтори за диктором слова во множественном числе. box fox dish watch bus bench. a car. a box. После sh, ch, x, s, ss - [?z] boxes foxes dishes watches buses benches.

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