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Heuristic Underestimates of Path Cost

Heuristic Underestimates of Path Cost. Underestimates say we use a heuristic function h* which is never greater than the true path-cost from a node to a goal G and we order Q according to fcost(node) = d(S to node) + h*(node to G) This is optimal: Why? Consider fringe Q and an arbitrary node N “behind” the first G on the priority queue Q if so, then fcost(G) < fcost(N) on LHS, fcost(G) = realcost(G) since by definition h(G)=0 on RHS fcost(N) is less than or equal to realcost(N) (since the heuristic underestimates, by assumption) so realcost(G) < realcost(N) We have shown that every node behind the first goal G popped from Q will have the higher cost then G, which means that the first G popped has the lowest cost of all possible goals, hence A* is optimal.

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