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Occupants Well Being and Productivity

Occupants Well Being and Productivity. Relationship exists between worker comfort/productivity and building design/operation Hidden sick days – higher absenteeism, respiratory ailments, allergies, asthma = lower productivity, higher insurance and medical costs A 1% increase in productivity (about 5 minutes per day) equals $600-700 per employee per year - a ^1.5% equals about $1,000/yr (Katz 2003 study).

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«Жизнь в пустыне» - The Kalahari Desert is a large arid sandy area in Southern Africa. The Arabian Desert has the most sand and lots of sand dunes. Sahara desert. The Kalahari Desert was once a much wetter place. Jackals. Acacia tree. Kalahari Desert. Antelopes. Elephants. The Gobi Desert is the coldest desert in the world.

«Seasons and weather» - It is snowing. It is windy. It is cool. It is freezing. Rainbow. Seasons and weather. It is hot. It is raining. It is sunny. It is cold. There is a tornado. It is smoggy. It is warm.

«About weather» - It snowy in Russia, In China it’s not. It’s rainy in America, In India it’s hot. Speaking (7 minutes). What’s the weather like today? Listening and reading (3 minutes). Find the right translation. Pupils look at the blackboard and say the new words. Let’ check our homework (page 62, exercise 1). We were soaking wet.

«Английский язык Экологические проблемы» - Основополагающий вопрос: Как меняется экологическая ситуация на нашей планете? Проблемные вопросы: Как влияет технический прогресс на экологию нашей планеты? Учебный предмет: Английский язык, информатика, основы экологии. Критерии оценивания презентации: Обучение для будущего. Этапы и сроки работы над проектом Этап I. Аналитический – 2 урока Этап II.

«The clouds» - Cloud type. If we take a closer look, we see that the red light is closest to the. Puffy clouds. How are clouds named. Include picture of high clouds. Write about the picture. Sunrise colors. Picture. The air is cooling. The clouds at sunrise to look red. Write a little bit about your area. Different colors of light.

«Litter problem» - Our common efforts can give good results. If it is possible to plant trees and flowers. Litter Problem! On the whole we want to say that the situation is not bad! It will cause negative emotions and affect our health. The main main problem is in the attitude of our people to ecology. We came to the conclusion that our town is not too dirty.

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