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«The Earth» - Drought. Volcano. The Earth is a Dangerous Place. Listen to the text and complete the table. Tornado. Is the Earth a beautiful but dangerous place to live on. Sudden shaking of the ground. Every year different natural disasters happen in our planet. A very violent wind is typical of tornado. Disaster.

«About weather» - It snowy in Russia, In China it’s not. Speaking (7 minutes). New language (7minutes). They promised a hot clear day. Look at the pictures in exercise 2 and say it. What’s the weather like today? Pupils listen the tape and sing the song. Answer questions of our lesson. We were soaking wet. Pupils look at the blackboard and say the new words.

«Seasons and weather» - There is a tornado. It is smoggy. It is cool. It is warm. It is hot. It is snowing. It is cold. It is freezing. Rainbow. It is windy. Seasons and weather. It is raining. It is sunny.

«Greenpeace» - End the nuclear age. Oceans. Greenpeace is campaigning. Photovoltaic power. Сountries where greenpeace has offices. Eliminate toxic chemicals. The people who make up Greenpeace. Stop climate change. Greenpeace. Globalization. Campaign for forest protection.

«Английский язык Экологические проблемы» - Сбор и обработка информации на английском языке – 2 недели Этап III. Проблемы Земли. Участники: 8-ые классы. Презентация и обсуждение работы групп – 2 недели. Обучение для будущего. Кто поможет найти выход из сложившейся экологической ситуации? Кострома 2009. МОУ гимназия № 28. Критерии оценивания буклета:

«The green movement» - "Green" movement in the world. Management of each such branch in which head there is a chief executive, carries out national board. Their features. National offices Green Peace are opened in 43 countries of the world as the independent units working over achievement of the purposes of the national projects.

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