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Song 7

Song 7. What instrument do you hear? How many people are playing? How many sounds do you hear?

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«Classical music» - All of the Classical composers were employed by various wealthy patrons. All sonatas follow this form. Characteristics of the classical period. Music Innovations. Opera. Haydn was the first to write one - he also mastered them. The String Quartet. The aristocracy were the main patrons of the arts. The Sonata Form.

«Jazz» - With time jazz became more and more popular. В основе джаза - импровизация. Музыка динамична, конфликтна, импульсивна, упруга. Джаз - это музыка американских негров. Луи Даниэл Армстронг. Элла Фитцджеральд. Джаз - это наслаждение свободой самовыражения. Джордж Гершвин. Ученик в роли Армстронга. Зарубежная музыка 20-30-х гг.XX века.

«Rihanna» - This is Rihanna. Rihanna/. She's in the magazines. Her friend. Lady Gaga.

«Michael Jackson» - Biography of a famous person. This is Michael Joseph Jackson. Education. Personality. It was the seventh of nine children. Then he also has died… Career. Though Michael Joseph Jackson has died it always its idols will remember… Dates and bithplace. Why he is famous? Achievements.

«Linkin park» - Member introductions. Linkin park. Living things. Three friends. Six members. The whole family. Bonus. California. Dave Farrell. Chester Bennington. Meteora.

«World music» - Bach Gershwin Mendelssohn Mozart Tchaikovsky Vivaldi Wagner Stravinsky. Johan Sebastian Bach. What performer or composer is in your world of music? Henry Purcell was a famous original English composer of the time. Совершенствование речевых навыков. Do you know anything about the composers you’ve read about?


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