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London is the most beautiful city in the world
London is the most beautiful city in the world.

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«День Святого Валентина» - Во времена старинные жил рыцарь Джауфре Рюдель. SANT VALENTINES DAY. But, as with many customs, the origin of St.Valentine,s Day is a mystery. Being happy! Легенды о святом валентине. It,s pink and white And red and blue. Стихи о любви . About this day. LOVE . . . I have a little Valentine That someone sent to me.

«April Fools Day» -  All Fool's Day. In conclusion, I would say, when you think about how to make fun ofyou know, do not forget that the best joke-the one over which he laughs the loudest, played a joke on someone. In Scotland the April fool's day lasts 48 hours.

«Holidays» - - What other Russian holidays do you know? And now it’s your turn! Women’s Day in Russia. What are the similarities between holidays in Russia and England? What do you do on New Year’s day? Introduction. New Year’s Day in Russia. Russian and English Holidays. Your project. New Year’s Day In England.

«Праздники в Англии» - March. Даже средства массовой информации принимают участие в розыгрышах. January. Обычно шутки разыгрывают на друзьях и знакомых. October. April. Праздники Англии. December. February.

«Thanksgiving day» - Time for celebrating Traditional Harvest. Thanksgiving United States. Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. With a gobble, gobble, gobble, And a wobble, wobble, wobble. Everybody enjoys having rest and merry time. Turkey, how are you? Thanksgiving Day Songs . Farewell, O fragrant pumpkin pie! Though to the college halls I hie.

«Victory day» - This is a a holiday with tears in the eyes. Learn the lessons of history. A shroud of a sadness still lives in our eyes. The spirit of celebration hovers, in the air . World will not survive WW3. Victory Day (9 May). Population Belgium – 10 million. Whole British Commonwealth – 12 million. They were not politicians, they were not thinking about anything except protecting their homes.

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