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The most famous sightseeings of London
The most famous sightseeings of London.

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«April Fools Day» - In conclusion, I would say, when you think about how to make fun ofyou know, do not forget that the best joke-the one over which he laughs the loudest, played a joke on someone.  All Fool's Day. In Scotland the April fool's day lasts 48 hours.

«Christmas рождество» - Christmas. Christmas is the main public holiday in britain and the US. Presents. Christmas party at Berezovka secondary school. What magic and healing properties does mistletoe have? Why is holly known as the Holy Tree? Reading comprehension. Poets’ contest (придумать лучший перевод стихотворения ).

«Christmas traditions» - Jingle bells. Christmas cake. Christmas Cookies. Christmas Traditions. Vocabulary to the text. What do you know about Christmas. Фонетическая разминка. Christmas Associations. Christmas food. Vocabulary to Dialogues. Why do people celebrate Christmas. What does Christmas mean to you.

«Victory day» - Population North Korea – 23 million. A shroud of a sadness still lives in our eyes. Our Victory is 65 years old, But how the past is close to us. Population Germany – 82million. World will not survive WW3. Never forget the fallen. Victory Day (9 May). Our obeisance and best wishes to the live! They were not politicians, they were not thinking about anything except protecting their homes.

«New Year» - New Year is called magical, mysterious, wonderful, unique and charming. New Year: History and tradition. Russian tradition. Christmas decorations. Good luck in the new year! Above the tree ... did not enjoy a special sympathy. Christmas tree in Russia. In addition to toys, Christmas tree decorated with sweets, fruits and nuts.

«Holidays» - British celebrate Mother’s Day on March, 26. New Year’s Day in England. Your project. New Year’s Day in Russia. Women’s Day in Russia. What do you do on New Year’s day? This holiday has long and special history. It is a day off. Mother’s Day in England. New Year’s Day is a family event in Russia. New Year’s Day In England.

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