<<  And other places of interest The Tower of London now is a … a) royal palace b) museum c) state  >>
Choose the right answer

Choose the right answer. The name of the river in London is … a) the Clyde b) the Severn c) the Thames. 17.

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«City London» - Museums and art galleries of London. The best place in world! The City of London. The famous places in the London. Here are the historical places as well as the famous parks. Tower of London. London. Trafalgar Square. If you are fond of painting you'll go to the Tate Gallery. Tower Bridge. The present building was built in 1852.

«Часы Биг Бена» - Открыты часы Биг Бена были 31 мая 1859 года. Часы МГУ. Имя Биг Бена окружают интересные истории. Биг Бен и есть только один колокол. Подсчитано, что минутные стрелки Биг Бена проходят за год общее расстояние в 190 км. Циферблаты Биг Бена смотрят на все 4 стороны света. 10 самых известных часов мира.

«Sights of London» - London Double deckers. Choose the correct answer. Look, they are changing the Guard. Do you remember any other sights in London? Many visitors come to London and go sightseeing about it. Tower of London was … 1. a prison 2. a clock 3. a church 4. a park. Thank you very much for your attention and work!!!

«Places in London» - Kensington Gardens. Tower of London. The Queen's Residence. The British Museum. The City. Trafalgar Square. Statue on border the city of London. The best place in world. Collection. Crown Jewels. Henry Ford. Westminster. Buckingham Palace. Historical places. Globe Theatre. River Thames. Tower Bridge.

«Big Ben clock» - Nickname. The origin of the nickname Big Ben is the subject of some debate. The clock and dials were designed by Augustus Pugin. At the base of each clock dial in gilt letters is the Latin inscription: The surround of the dials isgilded. A modern picture of 'Big Ben'. Significance in popular culture l.

«Достопримечательности Лондона» - The heart of London is the City. The Victoria and Albert Museum. The centre of London is Trafalgar Square. The Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace. The large clock in one of the towers is Big Ben. The National Gallery. The Houses of Parliament. In the middle of square stands a monument to Admiral Nelson.


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