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The Eye

The Eye. If you want to see London the best place to go is The Eye. London Eye is a big wheel on the river Thames. The Eye is very popular. Every day 1600 people go to the eye. The Eye is very tall – 133 meters. At the top of the Eye you get a great view of London. You can see Buckingham Palace. 4.

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«Westminster abbey» - A church has stood here since Saxon times, when it was known as West Monastery (Westminster), because of its position to the west of London’s centre. Since William the Conqueror’s times British monarchs have been crowned there, and since the 13th century they have been buried there. In the course of centuries, power gradually passed from the monarch to Parliament.

«London» - Westminster Abbey. We like our city, and you ? Урок. Лондон. Начать тестирование. The Queen's residence. knowing. the heart of London. a raven - the guard of Tower. TRAFALGAR SQUARE. LONDON. Кроссворд Лондон. Paul's Cathedral. INVITE. PICCADILLY CIRCUS. James' Park. Мои документы. Buckingham Palace.

«Часы Биг Бена» - Big Ben. В 1844г. по решению Парламента была создана комиссия по постройке Биг Бена. Часы тысячелетия. Часы МГУ. В Биг Бен туристов не пускают. Часы Биг Бена долгое время считались самыми большими в мире. Часф "Всемирное время". Попасть на верх 96 метрового Биг Бена можно только по узкой винтовой лестнице.

«Welcome to London» - Вестминстер. Лондон. London. The East End. The city. St. Paul Cathedral. Westminster Abbey. Big Ben. Flag. Сити. Ист Энд. The West End. Restaurant. The House of Parliament. Westminster. Флаг Великобритании. Вест Энд. Welcome to London. The flag of the UK.

«Sights of London» - What do you know about London? Что вы знаете о Лондоне? Buckingham Palace Gate. London is situated on the banks of the Thames. Marble Arch. Buckingham Palace seen from St. Вы готовы начать наше путешествие??? See you in London!!! LONDON EYE. London Telephone Booth. It happens every day at 11.30 a.m.

«Достопримечательности Лондона» - The large clock in one of the towers is Big Ben. The Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace. The centre of London is Trafalgar Square. The Victoria and Albert Museum. In the middle of square stands a monument to Admiral Nelson. The heart of London is the City. The National Gallery. The Houses of Parliament.


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