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The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament. The country’s leaders speak in the Houses of Parliament. The men and women there are the voice of the British people. The Houses of Parliament stand beside the river Thames. You can see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from Westminster Bridge. 8.

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«Big Ben clock» - The clock and dials were designed by Augustus Pugin. BIG BEN. Nickname. A modern picture of 'Big Ben'. Significance in popular culture l. At the base of each clock dial in gilt letters is the Latin inscription: The surround of the dials isgilded. The origin of the nickname Big Ben is the subject of some debate.

«London» - Начать тестирование. Speaker's Corner. We like our city, and you ? Buckingham Palace. Paul's Cathedral. Мои документы. a raven - the guard of Tower. Лондон. TRAFALGAR SQUARE. Tower of London. PICCADILLY CIRCUS. Will you go with me ? the heart of London. Westminster Abbey. Урок. James' Park. INVITE. LONDON.

«The capital of Great Britain» - What do you know about London. Big Ben. Last Summer. Try to read. London is the capital of Great Britain. Музей. Исторический район. Католический монастырь. Westminster Abbey. «Кровавая» Башня. Today. Трафальгарская площадь. London. Westminster and Trafalgar. Read correctly.

«Часы Биг Бена» - Подсчитано, что минутные стрелки Биг Бена проходят за год общее расстояние в 190 км. Часы Биг Бена получили невероятную популярность как в Англии, так и за ее пределами. Часы на башне Парламента Соединенного Королевства слышат во всем мире. Открыты часы Биг Бена были 31 мая 1859 года. Часы Биг Бена долгое время считались самыми большими в мире.

«London city» - THE WORLD LAGEST PORT. GREATER LONDON. LONDON. About half a million people work there during the day. Excellent! Презентация «Лондон» __________________________. Then, the, Country, is, London, of, there. • Patch – зд. Then there is the Country of London. First, there is the City of London. It forms a kind of circle with a radius from fifteen to twenty miles.

«Places in London» - Globe Theatre. The City. Достопримечательности Лондона. Westminster. The Cathedral of Saint Paul. River Thames. Tower Bridge. The West End. Kensington Gardens. The famous places in the London. Cleopatra's Needle. The East End. Урок. Henry Ford. Statue on border the city of London. The British Museum.


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