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«City London» - Globe Theatre. The Queen's Residence. Cleopatra's Needle. The Cathedral of Saint Paul. Big Ben. To the east the large area called the East End. Trafalgar Square. The best places of the West End. The East End. Buckingham Palace. Here are the historical places as well as the famous parks. This is London’s poorest part.

«Sights of London» - “Fascinating travel to London”. Tower of London was … 1. a prison 2. a clock 3. a church 4. a park. Victoria Memorial and Buckingham Palace. Look, they are changing the Guard. Paul’s Cathedral. As we know, London is the capital of Great Britain… London Eye Capsule. London is the capital of Great Britain.

«The capital of Great Britain» - Big Ben. London is the capital of Great Britain. Католический монастырь. Last Summer. Try to read. Read correctly. «Кровавая» Башня. Westminster and Trafalgar. Исторический район. London. Westminster Abbey. Today. Музей. What do you know about London. Трафальгарская площадь.

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«London city» - This is a vast area running eastward from the City. It forms a kind of circle with a radius from fifteen to twenty miles. GLOSSARY. Wrong! How many Londons are there? • Patch – зд. Right Wrong. First, there is the City of London. LONDON. Deserted, it, at night, almost, is. THE WORLD LAGEST PORT. GREATER LONDON.

«Places of interest in London» - Places of interest in London. The Palace of Westminster. Big Ben. A square in central London. Christopher Wren. Tower of London. Buckingham Palace. British museum. Tower bridge. London eye. Westminster Abbey. Piccadilly circus.


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