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Suggestions of NGOs in the Questionnaire

Suggestions of NGOs in the Questionnaire. Strengthen or establish capacity building programmes such as human resources, socio-economic and physical infrastructure. Cross-fertilisation, networking and partnerships at national, regional and international levels. Work with universities to promote the inclusion of MDGs into their curriculum, enriched by field work experiences. Integrate a youth perspective and participation and develop youth centres of excellence in the evaluation and solution-seeking for all MDGs. Select a MDG Youth Ambassador to increase awareness of the MDGs amongst youth and raise their participation worldwide.

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«Cinema» - The total number of K in the world - about 100 thousand. Cinema. Salkov and Cats presents. The most widely K. medium capacity (from 300 to 1,000 seats). Modern K. in the USSR and other countries is a complex structure. Cinema - public institution to public demonstration of films. thank you for your attention.

«Mass Media» - Mass Media. Thank you for attention. Средства массовой информации. Advantages. Verb activator. Whenever the weather is cold. Answer the questions. How do you feel. English marks. Rocking around the Christmas tree. Sources of information.

«Ravers» - Slogans. RAVERS. Hair, face. badges. Image. bag. Beattraax – Beach Party 2009. Music. Extremely popular piercing. Dhany – Hit my heart. Accessories such as chains, rings - a great success not in use. Dj Smash feat. It went its name. Fast Food – Volna (video version). Ideology of the ravers based on entertainment and non-interference.

«The black death» - Thanks for watching! The disease struck and killed people with terrible speed. Yersinia pestis. Over the next few years a quarter of them died. Estimated population of Europe from 1000 to 1352: It is estimated to have killed 25 million people or 30% of the population of China. Later it was called “Black Death“ .

«Invention» - Named the "Radarange", it was first sold in 1947. He is considered by many Italians as the inventor of the telephone. The countertop microwave oven was first introduced in 1967 by the Amana Corporation, which was acquired in 1965 by Raytheon. he inventors of the first airplane were Orville and Wilbur Wright.

«Human rights» - It is very important to be informed with your human rights. Human rights are inalienable. While we are entitled our human rights, we should also respect the human rights of others. Interdependent and indivisible. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. Whatever say politics, people are still dying in some non developed countries.

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