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«My house» - Dining-room. And above a table two white beautiful standard lamps. Small lovely curtains are on the windows. Our future house. A big beautiful chandelier hangs above the carpet. There is a small table between the sofa and the armchair. A dining room, a living room, kitchen, a nursery and a bedroom. A curtain hangs on a window.

«School uniform» - Senior students don't have to wear their school uniform. Uniforms may vary based on time of year. School uniform in the USA. Pupils at most secondary schools in Britain have to wear a school uniform. This topic looks at a very large number of arguments about uniforms. Arguments. The school uniform: in Great Britain, in the USA, in Canada.

«Education» - Compulsory education. Private schools (public schools). Types of subjects. State schools. Новые слова. The System of Education in Britain. Types of schools.

«Subculture» - Work in group. It is the term designating a kind of hardcore - music. Задачи: Punk. I also think so. Учебный аспект – совершенствование речевых навыков. It is said that… Gothic music encompasses a number of different styles. I don’t agree. Развивающий аспект – развитие способности к обобщению, развитие логичности и доказательности.

«Kaleidoscope» - Kinds of kaleidoscopes. Another cube. A tetrahedron. Sometimes the object cell is filled. Part containing. Initially intended as a scientific tool, the kaleidoscope was later. Kaleidoscope operates. Industry. Modern kaleidoscopes. Kaleidoscope. Craft galleries. History.

«Dreamers» - He/ his company have been sued several times. What failures they experienced? What did they achieve? What were some of the obstacles they faced? He has had a few health issues recently due to exhaustion. His first Business venture failed. Who is the “dreamer”, and when did they live? But dead mau5 pretty much shrugged it off.

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