<<  The‘natural outline’ from Acts 1:8 In Acts, God used all kinds of people  >>
God has the biggest dreams

God has the biggest dreams. He knew Acts 1:8 before it happened He made it happen in his method and his timing He used all kinds of people to make his dream a reality.

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«Princess Diana» - Soon after the two were tragically killed in a car crash in Paris. Her ancestors acquired the title of earl from king Charles I in the 17th century. Even though they had two children, William and Harry, Diana and Charles soon became unhappy together. For the next three centuries they felt comfortable at the royal court, holding various positions and bearing various titles.

«Great Britain and Northern Ireland» - It was built in 1703. Scottish Royal banner. It was found on ancient coins and coats of arms. It was built between 1895 and 1903. Andrew was first hoisted in 1512. Northern Ireland. Paul’s Cathedral. On New Year’s Eve people gather around the tree. The most famous bridge in London is a Tower bridge.

«Great Britain» - Easter eggs are important in Britain too. A traditional food is roast lamb. British people like it too, they have it on the 25th of December. Her elder son is Charles. The Tower Bridge was opened in 1893. HOLIDAYS. It’s situated in the west of Europe. GEOGRAPHY. The queen of Great Britain is Elizabeth the Second.

«Queen» - Девочка была отлучена от Двора. Так Виктория стала «Бабушкой Европы». Queen Victoria. Скромная и прямая молодая королева покорила сердца многих людей. Имя королевы Виктории в Британской истории связано с ростом промышленности и экономической стабильности. Королева Виктория родилась в Кенсингтонском дворце 24 мая 1819 года.

«Churchill» - In autumn 1897 he joined the army to suppress the pushtunski rebel. Aphorisms. Churchill united the nation under the fighting against fascism. I can’t forecast Russia’s actions. Even the Soviet television showed the mourning reporting. I never criticize the government of my country abroad. I like pigs.

«Растения-символы Великобритании» - Исследование научной литературы. Национально-культурная специфика растений. Практическое использование клевера. Клевер. Практическое использование розы. Практическое использование нарцисса. Менталитет жителей Великобритании. Нарцисс. Scotland. Wales. Сопоставительный анализ. Описательный метод. Northern Ireland.

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