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Caliban. „The Other”, the barbarian, vs. the European humanist ideal Animalistic, sexually rapacious (tries to rape Miranda) His name: cannibal Yet: the victim of Prospero’s oppression. Stratford Festival, Dion Johnstone.

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«Life of William Shakespeare» - Зачем же любишь то, что так печально. Coat of arms. Grammar school. Drama. Радостно и звонко. The bust of Shakespeare in the church. The fourth period. London and theatrical career. Уильям Шекспир. Last years and death. Three days later. Poems. Great tragedies. Recreated theater. Creativity. The immortal Shakespeare.

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«Уильям шекспир» - Top view of Shakespeare's Globe Theater. In 1610, Shakespeare retired and invested in grain and farmland. William was born on April 23,1564. William Shakespeare. William was regarded as the greatest author in the English Language. William Shakespeare. Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste death but once.

«Shakespeare» - GARDENS OF NEW PLACE. WHAT HE DID BETWEEN 14-18 IS NOT KNOWN. What did he do to earn his living? Family life. HOLY TRINITY CHURCH THE FIRST MONUMENT. Answer the questions. THE CLASSROOM. 46 YEARS OLD. BIOGRAPHY. QUEEN ELIZABETH I. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 1564 - 1616. HAMLET. Looking back. What monarch reigned in the country in those times?

«William Shakespeare» - ? went to London at 21. ? worked both as an actor and a writer. The early years. ? joined a travelling company of actors. ? His father - a fairly rich merchant. London. The end of his life. William Shakespeare – some biographical notes. ? He became one of the principal investors. The Globe Theatre. ? opened in 1599.

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