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Reading Seasons
Reading Seasons.

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«Spring, summer, autumn and winter» - August. Summer is bright. January. Mary. Do you like to read books in autumn? December. May. What can we do in different seasons? November. February. Do you like autumn? IN WINTER IN SPRING IN SUMMER IN AUTUMN. PLAY CHESS. Autumn is yellow. AUTUMN. SEASONS. October. April. Pam. Spring is green. Jill.

«Жизнь в пустыне» - Jackals. Giraffes. Cheetahs. Australian desert. Flamingos. The Kalahari Desert is a large arid sandy area in Southern Africa. The Kalahari Desert was once a much wetter place. There is lots of oil in the Turkestan Desert. Arabian desert. Acacia tree. San people live in the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa.

«The green movement» - National offices Green Peace are opened in 43 countries of the world as the independent units working over achievement of the purposes of the national projects. The main objective — to achieve the decision of global environmental problems, including by attraction to them of attention of the public and the authorities.

«Winter» - In winter I like to ski with my father (mother, sister, friends). SEASONS. In winter there are many funny games. I like winter! I think winter is the best. We can play hockey. We go to sledge, ski and skate. Play snowballs Ski Skate Make snowman. I like winter because it’s snowy and frosty. I like New Year because I usually get many presents.

«Litter problem» - Let’s do our best to save our town from pollution! If it is possible to plant trees and flowers. The main main problem is in the attitude of our people to ecology. Litter Problem! On the whole we want to say that the situation is not bad! It will cause negative emotions and affect our health. Of course we photographed some places with litter.

«The clouds» - A look out my window. Written and illustrated by your name. Ice crystals. Puffy clouds are called cumulus. The raindrops. Write about the picture. The air is cooling. Colors in the sky. Include picture of high clouds. Puffy clouds. Write something about the clouds. Vertically-developed clouds. The clouds at sunrise to look red.

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