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BAMBUCA: The national dance of Colombia, South America

BAMBUCA: The national dance of Colombia, South America. It is characterized by cross accents in the music. It was formerly danced only by the Natives but became a ballroom dance to be added to the gentle Pasillo, a favorite with Colombian society. BEGUINE: A type of Rumba in which the accent is on the second eighth note of the first beat. Origins spring from Martinique and Cuba. BOLERO: Originally a Spanish dance, the pace was changed in Cuba initially and later again. It is now present as a very slow type of Rumba rhythm. The music is frequently arranged with Spanish vocals and a subtle percussion effect, usually implemented with Conga or Bongos. BOLERO SON: Just what the name implies. It starts as a Bolero and finished as a Son. The Son is faster, with sharper percussion and is less subtle than the Bolero. BOTECITA: The "Little Boat." It is Cuban dancing with a very exaggerated swaying of the shoulders. BULERIAS: A Spanish Gypsy dance. Livelier and more spirited than most of the repertoire. It's usually danced by a whole group and could be called a Flamenco jam-session.

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