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EVOLUTION OF THE TANGO: The history of the Tango can be traced

EVOLUTION OF THE TANGO: The history of the Tango can be traced surprisingly enough to a country dance of 17th Century England. The English country dance became the CONTREDANSE in France, and this in turn was called the CONTRADANZA in Spain or later simply DANZA. When imported by the Spaniards into Cuba, it became the DANZAHABANERA. During the Spanish American War, a popular dance called the Habanera del Cafe appeared which was the prototype of the Tango. The whole genealogy is presented in the following chronological table: Country Dance : England 1650 Contredanse : France 1700 Contradanza : Spain 1750 Danza : Spain 1800 Danza Habanera : Cuba 1825 Habanero : 1850 Habanera del Cafe : 1900 Tango : 1910.

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