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HAUPANGO: The Mexican Haupango is ultimately traced to the Spanish Son

HAUPANGO: The Mexican Haupango is ultimately traced to the Spanish Son, but its rhythm is definitely of the New World. The Haupango creates cross rhythms of great complexity. It makes a most interestinglively dance. IBO: The Ibo rhythm belongs to the faster Haitian Merengue group of dancers. It is colorful, native in style and can be classified as "Caribbean dancing." A pronounced movement of hips and turning of the head is typical. JARABE: The Jarabes are typical Mexican Folk dances. Usually done by a couple, it depicts a flirtation and conquest. It is well known in America by its other name, "The Mexican Hat Dance." The Mexican Jarabe is a descendant of the Spanish Zapateado, and its rhythm resembles that of a Mazurka. JARANA: Folk dance of Yucatan, Mexico. It is possibly closer to the melo-rhythmic foundation of the ancient Mexican songs than any other native air. The verses of the Jarana are often in the Mayan language. The word Jarana means merry chatter. As an exhibition ballroom dance it can be placed alongside La Raspa and La Bamba, its cousins.

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