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Brainstorming Essential Questions Based On the Facets

Brainstorming Essential Questions Based On the Facets. Interpretation Explanation Application critique describe build illustrate express create judge justify design translate predict perform provide metaphors synthesize solve assume role of be aware of analyze consider realize argue imagine recognize compare relate reflect contrast role-play self-assess infer Empathy Self-Knowledge Perspective.

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«Dreamers» - He/ his company have been sued several times. He is currently alive. What was their “dream”? What did they achieve? BILL GATES. Who is the “dreamer”, and when did they live? But dead mau5 pretty much shrugged it off. He has had a few health issues recently due to exhaustion. To a business that would create a software system to run on all computers (Windows).

«Painting» - Ivan Konstantino- vich Aivazovsky. Another beautiful canvas of Levitan is "The golden Plyos". Isaac Ilyich Levitan. Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. Savvinskaya sloboda near Zvenigorod, 1884. Russian painters : It is one of the most popular paintings in Tretyakov Gallery. It is the main idea of this picture.

«Meat» - meat. Meat… In soy no such amino acids that are present in the meat. A MAN who eats ALL. Meat products - a valuable source of iron, potassium, phosphorus. The proteins found in meat, its composition is very close to human. Useful properties of meat and meat products are undeniable. WHAT GOOD MEAT?

«The black death» - It took 150 years for Europe's population to recover. Plaque doctor. It keeps that name for the present day. Yersinia pestis. Later it was called “Black Death“ . The causative agent of the plague is Yersinia pestis bacterium. Over the next few years a quarter of them died. Thanks for watching! Then it was known as "the great plague" or "the great contagion".

«Mass Media» - How do you feel. Answer the questions. Whenever the weather is cold. Thank you for attention. Средства массовой информации. Sources of information. Rocking around the Christmas tree. English marks. Advantages. Verb activator. Mass Media.

«Teenagers problems» - Conflicts with sisters or brothers. Smoking. Conflicts with parents. If you follow our rules you won’t have problems. Conflict with friends. School problems. Teenagers’ problems. Pocket money. Как разрешить проблемы молодежи. Look through the list of teenage problems. How to tackle teenagers’ problems.

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