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Provocative Essential Questions

Provocative Essential Questions. Have no one obvious right answer. Raise other important questions. Address the philosophical or conceptual foundations of a discipline. Recur naturally. Are framed to provoke and sustain student interest.

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«Pioneers» - «Pioneers Truth» («Pionerskaya Pravda») - the soviet children newspaper since 1925. «Pioneers Zorka» - all-union daily radio newspaper for pioneers and schoolchildren since 1925. There were 19.5 million young pioneers in 1984. Pioneer camp – sanitary educational establishment for pioneers and schoolchildren at the age of 7-15 in USSR, organized during summer or winter holidays by Komsomol or other organizations.

«Human rights» - It is very important to be informed with your human rights. Human rights are inalienable. Interdependent and indivisible. What are human rights? Don’t allow yourself be uninformed, know your human rights! We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. They should not be taken away, except in specific situations.

«Kinds of sports» - Riddles. Football (soccer). Figure skating. Tennis. Darts. Table tennis. Rugby. Football. Chess. Auding. Gymnastics. Boxing. Polo. Swimming. The rocat is suitable for all kinds of recreational rowing. Drills for skills. Billiards. Motor racing. Skiing. Golf. English proverbs about sports and health.

«Pointillism» - Pointillism is an art style, that was founded by. transparent paints. True False Not stated. «Papa’s Palace in Avinion». History. «A still life with a book». Pictures, belonging to this style are painted in. 5. «The beach Heist» is painted by French artist. Van Gogh and Paul Signac were born in France.

«My school» - Иинтернет-сайты. Let’s discuss. Can you answer some questions about your school? I believe in myself and my ability to do my best at all times. What does Angela Bryan think about her job? My school. Интернет-сайты. What do the students think of school? The main question to answer. Could you be a teacher yourself?

«Print advertising» - What is print advertising? Creative advertising posters in magazines. Examples of creative advertising posters in magazines: Creative business cards. Print advertising rules. PRINT ADVERTISING. They knew how to engage the viewer. Advantages of a print advertising. Advertising in magazines. Types of print advertising.

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