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Reflection - Stage 3

Reflection - Stage 3. Choose 1 to answer individually. Share response with your team. Team selects 2 to share with group. I feel comfortable with... I would like to learn more about... I am still unclear or unsure about... I realize I need to take a closer look at...

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«Healthy life» - Guide your choices with the help from « Food guide pyramid» and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Establishing a healthy lifestyle is your primary and best prevention against many of these conditions. Exercise Let`s get started What are the benefits of exercising? How you keep your healthy life?

«Computer» - this is a very popular technique. I very like a computer. and I want to open computer business. on the earned money I help the children's kindergartens. Computer equipment enjoys good success. and I will be happy to open such a beneficial. I love my job. in this business a lot of competitors who are trying to thee .

«Periodic table of elements» - Co + Br2 = CoBr2. Ni + Cl2 = NiCl2. 3Ni + N2 = Ni3N2. Vital for the body trace element. In the absence of cobalt akobaltoz develops. not installed. Ni + 4HNO3 = Ni(NO3)2 + 2NO2 + 2H2O. 2Ni + O2 = 2NiO. physical properties. Ni + 4CO = Ni(CO)4. 1751 swedish mineralogist Cronstedt. The human need for cobalt 0,007-0,015 mg daily.

«Painting» - We can see bright spring morning in the picture. It has many shades: yellow, green, red and so on. It has peaceful and harmonic coloring. A Rye Field. It is one of the most popular paintings in Tretyakov Gallery. Over Eternal Peace, 1894. Sunny Day, 1876. I think that the best work of Levitan is "March".

«Education system» - And how specialization? Fundamental nature of preparation, its initial "nesuzhennost" allows to replace a profession easily, if necessary. How it can be provided? Certainly, it is possible to continue "to swot away" sciences independently. MAGISTRACY - the best way for the bachelor to qualification tops.

«Subculture» - Punk. That’s right. I think it’s absolutely wrong to… Thank you for your lesson!!! I don’t agree. Цель: Goth. On the contrary, it is … What are pros and cons? Развивающий аспект – развитие способности к обобщению, развитие логичности и доказательности. Work in group. On the one hand it is…, but on the other hand …

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