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Do you know these words
Do you know these words? a bridge. a windmill. a road.

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«The capital of Great Britain» - Read correctly. Музей. What do you know about London. Westminster Abbey. Westminster and Trafalgar. Today. London. Католический монастырь. «Кровавая» Башня. Last Summer. Big Ben. Исторический район. Трафальгарская площадь. London is the capital of Great Britain. Try to read.

«Places of interest in London» - Christopher Wren. Buckingham Palace. British museum. Piccadilly circus. Places of interest in London. London eye. A square in central London. The Palace of Westminster. Westminster Abbey. Tower bridge. Big Ben. Tower of London.

«City London» - Tate Gallery. There are about 300 oils and 19000 watercolours and drawings. The Queen's Residence. Kensington Gardens. The West End. St.James's Park. The best place in world! Its population is about 7 million people. Buckingham Palace. The 1700’s the Queen's Residence was a gift from Henry Ford. To the east the large area called the East End.

«Лондонский зоопарк» - An ostrich. A horse. A camel. A wolf. Let’s go. A parrot. A monkey. A crocodile. «Путешествие в Лондонский зоопарк». A squirrel. Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку. A tiger. An elephant.

«Sights of London» - London is situated on the banks of the Thames. Do you remember any other sights in London? London Eye Capsule. Covent Garden Market. Какие еще достопримечательности вы помните? As we know, London is the capital of Great Britain… London Double deckers. What do you know about London? Трафальгарская площадь – самая большая площадь в Лондоне.

«Достопримечательности Лондона» - The large clock in one of the towers is Big Ben. The centre of London is Trafalgar Square. The heart of London is the City. The Victoria and Albert Museum. The Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace. The National Gallery. The Houses of Parliament. In the middle of square stands a monument to Admiral Nelson.


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