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Use gerunds formed of the verbs to complete the sentences

Use gerunds formed of the verbs to complete the sentences. clean play rain smoke make cry meet. 1. Stop … so much noise. I am trying to work. 2. What`s that?—It`s a thing for … cricket. 3. When the boy broke his toy, he started … . 4. He tried to give up …, but it was difficult. 5. When it stopped …, we went for a work. 6. I like … new people. 7. She had finished … the flat by four o`clock.

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«Irregular verbs с переводом» - Irregular verbs. Part 1. Идти - go went gone [ga:n]. Приходить - come came come. Говорить - say says said. Писать - write wrote written. Видеть - see saw seen. Искать - find found found. Делать - make made made. Делать - do does did done. Получать - get got got/gotten. Знать - know knew known. Думать - think thought thought.

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