<<  Пассивный инфинитив Passive Indefinite Infinitive Вставьте частицу “to” перед инфинитивом, где необходимо  >>
Вставьте частицу “to” перед инфинитивом, где необходимо

Вставьте частицу “to” перед инфинитивом, где необходимо. 1. I like___play the guitar. 2. My brother can___speak French. 3. We had___put on our overcoats because it was cold. 4. They wanted___cross the river. 5. It is high time for you___go to bed. 6. May I___use your telephone? 7. They heard the girl___cry out with joy. 8. I would rather___stay at home today. 9. He did not want___play in the yard any more. 10. Would you like___go to England? 11. You look tired. You had better___go home. 12. I wanted___speak to Nick, but could not___find his telephone number. 13. It is time___get up. 14. Let me___help you with your homework. 15. I was planning___do a lot of things yesterday.

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