<<  Вставьте частицу “to” перед инфинитивом, где необходимо Замените части предложений инфинитивными оборотами  >>
Вставьте частицу “to” перед инфинитивом, где необходимо

Вставьте частицу “to” перед инфинитивом, где необходимо. 1. I like to play the guitar. 2. My brother can - speak French. 3. We had to put on our overcoats because it was cold. 4. They wanted to cross the river. 5. It is high time for you to go to bed. 6. May I - use your telephone? 7. They heard the girl - cry out with joy. 8. I would rather - stay at home today. 9. He did not want to play in the yard any more. 10. Would you like to go to England? 11. You look tired. You had better - go home. 12. I wanted to speak to Nick, but could not - find his telephone number. 13. It is time to get up. 14. Let me - help you with your homework. 15. I was planning to do a lot of things yesterday.

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