<<  Вставьте частицу “to” перед инфинитивом, где необходимо Замените части предложений инфинитивными оборотами  >>
Замените части предложений инфинитивными оборотами

Замените части предложений инфинитивными оборотами. 1. I have no books which I can read. 2. Is there anybody who will help you with your spelling? 3. Don't forget that she has a baby which she must take care of. 4. Have you got anything that you want to say on this subject? 5. There was nothing that he could do except go home. 6. I have only a few minutes in which I can explain these words to you. 7. I have an examination which I must take soon, so I can't go to the theatre with you. 8. King Lear decided to have a hundred knights who would serve him after he had divided up his kingdom. 9. Here is something which will warm you up. 10. Here is a new brush which you will clean your teeth with.

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