<<  Замените выделенные части предложений инфинитивными оборотами Раскройте скобки, употребляя требующуюся форму инфинитива (Continuous  >>
Замените выделенные части предложений инфинитивными оборотами

Замените выделенные части предложений инфинитивными оборотами (Indefinite – Perfect). E.g. He is sorry that he has said it. He is sorry to have said it. 1. It is certain to rain if you don’t take your umbrella. 2. Don’t promise to do it, if you are not sure that you can. 3. He was happy to have praised everybody. 4. He was very proud to have helped his elder brother. 5. She was sorry to have missed the beginning of the concert. 6. She is happy to have found such a nice place to live in. 7. He hopes to know everything by tomorrow.

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