The orange revolution and democratic change in Ucraine.

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«Education system» - It surprises you? But it not the best option. MAGISTRACY - the best way for the bachelor to qualification tops. Fundamental nature of preparation, its initial "nesuzhennost" allows to replace a profession easily, if necessary. Certainly, it is possible to continue "to swot away" sciences independently.

«Healthy life» - There are many ways to exercise every day without going to the gym or to a fitness club. How do I do this? Exercise every day. Exercise. Exercise will make you feel better, improve your health and help you perform at your best every day. Bad habits. Let`s get started. Guide your choices with the help from « Food guide pyramid» and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

«Проект Изобретения» - Умеешь ли ты пользоваться инструкциями? Do you know that… Ну чем не Бог?» Амоносов Н.М. Актуальность проблемы. By May 1896 the car had been built. Роль рекламы в продвижении новых изобретений. Множество изобретений было создано в наше время. Как организовать домашнее хозяйство? The first Russia’s automobile was designed by P.A. Frez and E.A. Yakovlev.

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«Названия дней недели» - Friday. Monday. Боги, которым поклонялись саксонские предки британцев. Thursday. Это интересно знать. Saturday. Происхождение обозначений дней недели. Tuesday. The days of the week. Понедельник. Wednesday. Sunday.

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