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January. It is dark blue at night In the morning it is white The snowflakes are falling.

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«About weather» - Children, today we’re going to talk about the weather. Find the right translation. We were soaking wet. Look at the pictures in exercise 2 and say it. Pupils listen the tape and sing the song. They promised a hot clear day. Speaking (7 minutes). Getting the marks ( 3 minutes). It’s rainy in America, In India it’s hot.

«Жизнь в пустыне» - Antelopes. Nearly half of Australia is a desert. The Kalahari Desert was once a much wetter place. Arabian desert. Hyenas. Turkestan Desert. The Gobi Desert is the coldest desert in the world. Acacia tree. Previously havens for wild animals from elephant to giraffe. Cheetahs. Giraffes. The Kalahari Desert is a large arid sandy area in Southern Africa.

«Greenpeace» - Greenpeace is campaigning. Eliminate toxic chemicals. Stop climate change. Greenpeace. Photovoltaic power. Oceans. The people who make up Greenpeace. End the nuclear age. Campaign for forest protection. Globalization. Сountries where greenpeace has offices.

«The clouds» - If we take a closer look, we see that the red light is closest to the. Iridescence. Cloud type. Write a little bit about your area. Types of middle clouds. The clouds outside my window. Picture. Written and illustrated by your name. Rainbows. Different colors of light. Write about the picture. Ice crystals.

«The Earth» - A very violent wind is typical of tornado. Too much water is typical of flood. Языка Is the Earth a Dangerous Place. A volcano. A tornado. Earthquake. Damage – вред, повреждение. A large amount of water. Volcano. Sudden shaking of the ground. To shake (shook, shaken) – трясти, трястись. Why are natural disasters dangerous.

«Litter problem» - If it is possible to plant trees and flowers. The main main problem is in the attitude of our people to ecology. Of course we photographed some places with litter. It will cause negative emotions and affect our health. We came to the conclusion that our town is not too dirty. Litter Problem! On the whole we want to say that the situation is not bad!


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