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October. What a rainy season! The sky is dark and grey; No sunshine any more; No playing outdoors.

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«Litter problem» - Let’s do our best to save our town from pollution! Of course we photographed some places with litter. It will cause negative emotions and affect our health. If it is possible to plant trees and flowers. We came to the conclusion that our town is not too dirty. On the whole we want to say that the situation is not bad!

«Английский язык Экологические проблемы» - Этапы и сроки работы над проектом Этап I. Аналитический – 2 урока Этап II. Кто поможет найти выход из сложившейся экологической ситуации? Критерии оценивания буклета: Кострома 2009. Учебный предмет: Английский язык, информатика, основы экологии. Основополагающий вопрос: Как меняется экологическая ситуация на нашей планете?

«Planet Earth» - I am confident that this program is breaking all records of popularity among others of popular TV shows. The program was launched the Department of Natural channel BBC. Program series "Planet Earth" appeared in 2006. My favorite TV show is "Planet Earth" on the Discovery Channel.

«About weather» - They promised a hot clear day. We were soaking wet. Pupils listen the tape and sing the song. Listening and reading (3 minutes). Find the right translation. It’s rainy in America, In India it’s hot. New language (7minutes). Look at the pictures in exercise 2 and say it. Answer questions of our lesson.

«Жизнь в пустыне» - Acacia tree. Cheetahs. The Kalahari Desert is a large arid sandy area in Southern Africa. The Gobi Desert is the coldest desert in the world. Flamingos. The Arabian Desert has the most sand and lots of sand dunes. The Kalahari Desert was once a much wetter place. Nearly half of Australia is a desert.

«The Earth» - Damage – вред, повреждение. Sudden shaking of the ground. Is the Earth a beautiful but dangerous place to live on. Hurricane. A volcano. Every year different natural disasters happen in our planet. Why are natural disasters dangerous. Disaster. Hurricane. A very violent wind is typical of tornado. The Earth is a Dangerous Place.


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