<<  The Seasons Spring is green, Summer is bright, Autumn is yellow, Winter is white  >>
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Spring Summer Autumn Winter.

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«The green movement» - Several active workers managed to steal up on a raft to a platform and to chain themselves to it. The main objective — to achieve the decision of global environmental problems, including by attraction to them of attention of the public and the authorities. The countries in which there are offices Greenpeace.

«The clouds» - How are clouds named. Vertically-developed clouds. Rainbows. Write something about the clouds. Cloud type. Iridescence. Different colors of light. Types of low clouds. Puffy clouds are called cumulus. Write about the picture. The raindrops. Sunrise colors. The air is cooling. A look out my window. Written and illustrated by your name.

«The Earth» - Tornado. A large amount of water. Is the Earth a beautiful but dangerous place to live on. Flood. Hurricane. The Earth is a beautiful place to live on. Damage – вред, повреждение. Too much water is typical of flood. Hurricane. Listen to the text and complete the table. Every year different natural disasters happen in our planet.

«Seasons and weather» - Seasons and weather. It is cool. There is a tornado. It is snowing. It is freezing. It is windy. It is warm. It is smoggy. It is sunny. It is cold. It is hot. It is raining. Rainbow.

«Winter» - In winter we have long holidays. We can play hockey. I think winter is the best. I like winter! Play snowballs Ski Skate Make snowman. In winter I like to ski with my father (mother, sister, friends). We go to sledge, ski and skate. SEASONS. I like New Year because I usually get many presents. I like winter because it’s snowy and frosty.

«About weather» - Children, today we’re going to talk about the weather. New language (7minutes). What’s the weather like today? It snowy in Russia, In China it’s not. How many different types of weather can you name? Please, look at the blackboard and repeat after me. We were soaking wet. Pupils look at the blackboard and say the new words.


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