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People. Population, 2009 estimate 8,707,739. White people 75.8% Black people 14.5% Asian people 7.8% American Indian and Alaska Native people 0.4%.

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«Англия и Америка» - Глобализация торговли, экономики, новых технологий способствовали и глобализации американского английского языка. Лингвистическая характеристика английского языка. Первые носители английского языка появились в Северной Америке в XVII веке. История английского языка в США. С 50-х годов XX века отмечается проникновение американизмов в английскую речь британцев, австралийцев, новозеландцев, и канадцев, а с 70-х годов — в речь иноязычных народов.

«New York» - New York Federal Prisons: Examples of Directory of Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Programs: Probationers (Per 100,000). Juvenile Delinquency in Community Corrections. parole. INSTITUTIONAL CORRECTIONS. Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) programs vary by counties in New York. Offer career development opportunities for all staff.

«Symbols of the USA» - The Motto. Mount Rushmore. Great Seal of the United States. White House. Liberty Bell. Official Flower. Symbols of the USA. Thomas Jefferson Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial. American flag. Spiritual side. Statue of Liberty. Eagle.

«Бостонское чаепитие» - Since all the tea was thrown into the water, this event got the name The Boston Tea Party. The Americans had to pay taxes of almost all important products such as sugar, coffee, tea and wine. Soon after this, the war between Britain and the American colonic, started. To do this several Americans dressed as Indians went on board the ships secretly and acted according to their plan.

«USA» - Eight Olympic Games have taken place in the United States. Energy. Culture. English (American English) is the de facto national language. Sports. Mainstream American cuisine is similar to that in other Western countries. Education. Flag of USA. Food. Tennis and many outdoor sports are popular as well.

«Interesting places in the USA» - Melting pot. The Guggenheim museum. The statue of Liberty. Sequoia National Park. The Twin Towers in New York. California. The White House. Niagara falls. The USA. Проблемный вопрос. Результаты представления исследования. Место проведения проекта. Достопримечательности Америки. The history of flight.

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