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Some more facts about geography

Some more facts about geography. ~800 lakes and ponds. ~100 rivers and creeks. ~55,150 km of highways and roads Highest Elevation: 550 m (High Point) Lowest Elevation: 0 m (Atlantic Ocean).

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«United States» - government. Lawrence River. By the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean. Flora. Here are found several species of alligators and poisonous snakes. great lakes. Hurricanes are common in the United States. Stoke on the St. United States border with Canada, Mexico, and Russia. climate. Washington. fauna. United States - a country in North America.

«USA» - English (American English) is the de facto national language. Education. Energy. Eight Olympic Games have taken place in the United States. Sports. Religion. Food. Culture. Language. Mainstream American cuisine is similar to that in other Western countries. Wheat is the primary cereal grain. USA-United States of America.

«Англия и Америка» - Различия в грамматике: использование в американском английском Past Simple вместо Present Perfect в разговоре о недавних событиях; - I lost my key. Цель работы: изучить особенности британского и американского вариантов английского языка. С 50-х годов XX века отмечается проникновение американизмов в английскую речь британцев, австралийцев, новозеландцев, и канадцев, а с 70-х годов — в речь иноязычных народов.

«Американский и британский английский» - Понятия, обозначаемые разными терминами и выражениями. Изучение учебников на использование американского и британского английского. Особенности и отличия. Изучение истории американского и британского английского. Пунктуация. Грамматика. Разное написание при одинаковом произнесении. Отличия британского английского от американского.

«The sights of the USA» - Alcatraz. Louis. The construction of this memorial began in 1925. The park staff will identify your finds for you. It is a large black stone wall. FAMOUS LANDMARKS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Hoover Dam. It is a white marble structure 165 meters tall. His body was found in a bathroom. SEEING ONCE IS BETTER THAN HEARING TWICE.

«Бостонское чаепитие» - Of course, the British Government did not like it, so they closed the poll and sent soldiers to the American colony. Soon after this, the war between Britain and the American colonic, started. The British policy was very strict. One day British ship', loaded with tea came into the Boston port. It was the War for Independence of the American colonies.

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