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Fill in prepositions where necessary

Fill in prepositions where necessary. You needn’t go …… the booking office: it is possible to book …… phone …… advance. Please, I want two lower berths …… the Sevastopol express …. Saturday, the second …. May. I was looking …. The porthole and saw how our plane tool ….. . I can give you one upper berth …..a separate compartment. The train …. Sochi leaves …..eleven-twenty-three ….. platform three, track five. When did you last travel … railway? Planes fly …..a speed … over eight hundredkilometres …. An hour. She bought two tickets …. a through train …. Kiev. Fast trains only stop …. Large stations, while slow trains stop …. All stations. The eleven-fifteen is a fast train … sleeping accommodation. The train … Minsk is …..platform three. When does the plane …. Warsaw take …… ? Our train leaves …. eight-twenty-five ….. platform three. We got tickets …. The fast train …. Ekaterinburg. Why is there no train … Portsmouth today?

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