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Give each person a name

Give each person a name. a) a customer b) a half sister c) a surgeon d) a wizard e) a show off f) a philosopher g) a steward h) a caretaker i) a witch j) a shop assistant. 1. Someone who studies and develops ideas about the nature and meaning of reality, good an evil. 2. a man who serves food and drinks on a plane or a ship. 3. someone who looks after the school building and does small repairs 4. a daughter of only one of your parents. 5. a man who is supposed to name magic powers 6. a woman who is supposed to name magic powers 7. a doctor who does operation in hospital 8. someone clever who wants everyone to love and admire him 9. someone who buys goods or services from a shop or a company 10. someone whose job is to help customers in a shop.

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